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WINiT Mentor Program


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The WINiT Mentor Program is a self-service program for Mentors and Mentees across all categories and locations in the travel, meeting, event and exhibition industries and is open to women and men. Both Mentors and Mentees can ‘hand pick’ their selection based on a quick match questionnaire.

Members of WINiT will have exclusive access to the WINiT Mentor Program.

Many resources are available to facilitate your Mentoring experience: How-To Webinar, Interactive Monthly Themed Meetings, Articles and Exercises Available to Participants

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  1. 1. Become a Member of WINiT 
  2. 2. Sign in and customize your profile
  3. 3. Enroll as a Mentor and/or Mentee
  4. 4. Review the Mentor/Mentee Checklist
  5. 5. Search for a Mentor or Mentee
  6. 6. To request a match, click on the ribbon below the Mentor/Mentee's profile picture. 
  7. 7. Watch your email for requests. You must respond on your Mentor or Mentee Profile page in order to be officially matched.


We hold monthly webinars for participants to ensure a successful Mentor/Mentee relationship. 

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Troubleshooting General

I have requested a Mentor/Mentee, but have not heard back. 

Troubleshooting for Mentors

A Mentee has requested me, but cannot find me in a search for Mentors. 

  • Have you reached the maximum number of Mentees as specified in your profile?
  • Have you checked the “Temporarily not participating” option in your profile?
  • Is your "End Date" set for a time in the future? 

Troubleshooting for Mentees

I can’t find a Mentor that I know is enrolled.

  • Has the Mentor reached the maximum number of Mentees as they specified in their profile?
  • Has the Mentor checked the “Temporarily not participating” option in their profile?

I'm not showing up on Mentor searches.

  • Is your "End Date" set for a time in the future? 

For full instructions on the program, visit the Mentor FAQs, Mentee FAQs and General FAQs pages.

Why Have a Sponsor and a Mentor? 

WINiT Mentoring and Coaching Committee recommends that all professionals
have a mentor and sponsor for optimum professional growth.  


Why WINiT’s Mentor Program?

“We Rise by Lifting Others”

- Robert G. Ingersoll

“It’s not only the will to learn and improve what makes a person succeed, it’s also about having the right person who can guide you on the right direction. Caitlin Gomez, my mentor, carefully understood my strong desire to learn and grow on the travel industry, she recommended a great book “Lean In- Women, Work and the will to lead” from Sheryl Sandberg, which was very helpful to understand cultural barriers women face. Also Caitlin highlighted the importance of self-confidence and gave me some great ideas of how turn business relationship into a friendly relationship as well.”

- Denise Haeussler, Mentee; Global Account Manager LATAM AIRLINES GROUP

"I had the pleasure of working with 2 Mentees as a WINiT Mentor, Beth Quinn, CMP, CTE, GTP Travel & Events - FLIR Systems, Inc. & Ann Meskill, Independent Travel Director, Incentives, Meetings & Events. This experience was so rewarding for me, I know I learned as much as I shared while expanding my education & business travel network!"

- Lisa Hoehn, Mentor; CCTE, GTP Vice President Global Corporate Sales Altour

"I have had the pleasure to be working with Africa Hernandez with Carlson Wagonlit Travel for the last few months. It has been rewarding to help provide some solid feedback on her career to date and some new ideas for opportunities she may not have been thinking about exploring until we began our mentor/mentee relationship. We also focused on communication skills, specifically reviewing her goals and how to present and communicate them to her leaders."

- Ann Meskill, Mentor; Meskill Associates

"I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with my mentor, Pam McTeer, in the WINiT Pilot Mentor Program. She shared with me insightful, thoughtful and useful advice on the topic of conversation, and I found her depth of expertise in the industry invaluable. She gave me advice on how to make the most of my newly elected local GBTA chapter board membership with which she has extensive experience."

- Valerie J. Barnes, Mentee; U.S. BANK - Corporate Procurement Meridian Crossings Business Center

“Having Ms. Salcito as a mentor has been incredibly rewarding. I’ve been able to ask questions and have honest conversations about my career and personal goals with someone who has deep insight and knowledge of the industry. Her advice and guidance have been indispensable for me in the last few months and I am truly grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to connect with her.”

- Monzerrath Gonzalez, Mentee

“Over the years I have been fortunate in meeting many who helped my career and independent consultancy blossom into a successful multinational organization. As I move into retirement, WINiT has given me further opportunity to return my gratitude by being a founder, committee member and most recently a Mentor to for the Mentoring and Coaching Committee. It has been a joy and personally fulfilling to get to know and guide Monze.”

- Carol Ann Salcito, Mentor; WINiT Mentoring & Coaching Committee

“I truly didn’t have high expectations for this mentor program since it is in its’ first trial run. However, by having Mr. Holyoke as my mentor over the last few months, he has helped guide me in defying my younger age through credibility and business maturity, as well as life lessons in career advice and the travel & meetings industry itself. As a mentee, I have not only gained a wonderful mentor, but also someone I consider a friend in the industry. He is most definitely a trusted advisor and role model as I have learned wonderful insights from him in our candid conversations. I greatly appreciate this opportunity, and look forward to the continuation of the program.”

- Kristen Koenig, Mentee; Cvent
- David Holyoke, Mentor; Travel Leaders