FAQs - Mentors

Mentor Match FAQs


What are the roles of a Mentor?

  • Assist Mentee in developing his / her professional career by sharing knowledge and experience of how the organization works and what has helped you in your career
  • Aid in identifying opportunities for Mentee to demonstrate and sharpen skills
  • Provide the Mentee with growth experiences, including exposure to new leaders and subject matter experts, strategic initiatives, and ideas
  • Assist in expanding the Mentee’s network
  • Provide candid feedback and encourage candid self-reflection
  • Provide candid feedback about perceived strengths and developmental needs
  • Serve as sounding board for ideas and offer encouragement
  • Ask questions to help Mentee think through situations; not just give answers
  • Help evaluate potential solutions to obstacles and challenges
  • Share personal experiences relevant to the needs of the Mentee
  • Respect confidentiality
  • Mentors and Mentees who are not in the same location are encouraged to proactively utilize technology of audio and video conferencing

What are some of the benefits of participating as a Mentor?

  • Develops coaching skills (an integral part of effective people management)
  • Provides a source of information from non-management level/different perspective
  • Personal satisfaction from assisting in the development of others
  • Give back to travel-related industries
  • Establish networks/contacts in other parts of the business
  • Provide a different perspective on the potential barriers experienced at lower levels of travel-related industries
  • Develop and practice a more personal style of leadership
  • Gain personal satisfaction from assisting in the development of others
  • Develop personal skill-set i.e. effective listening and counseling

How do I become a Mentor?

If you are a WINiT Member, email info@wintiforwomen.org to be notified of the next Mentor program cycle. If you are not a Member of WINiT, click here to join, then email info@winitforwomen.org.

Can I have more than one Mentee?

Yes. Keep in mind, however, while there is no limit to the number of mentoring relationships you can establish, we recommend that you be judicious in selecting only Mentees who are most suited to learn from your expertise and experience. You can limit the number of Mentee requests you are willing to accept on the Mentoring enrollment page.

How do I find Mentees?

Once you have enrolled as a Mentor, go the ‘Find a Mentee’ page and enter the criteria you want to use for your Mentee search. Click on Mentee names to view their profiles. Once you have found a good match, click on the Mentee badge (seen below the Mentee's profile image) to send the Mentee an automated email request.

How will I know if a Mentee has selected me as their Mentor?

You will receive an e-mail from the Mentee requesting you to be their Mentor. You will be prompted to accept or reject the request. 

How do I accept a Mentee? 

You can view your Mentee requests and accept those requests by going to the "Mentoring Relationships" page, located in your Profile under "My Connections". Once accepted, the Mentee will receive an email notifying them the relationship has been accepted. In that message, your Mentee will be told to contact you to begin the relationship. Please make sure your contact information is current in your profile

Is it okay to reject a request?

Yes. However, we encourage you to at least have an initial conversation to explore whether the relationship would be mutually fulfilling. If a potential Mentee has misinterpreted information in your profile, you may find him/her to be an inappropriate match. If you want to decline a request, go to the "Mentoring Relationships" page and check the “decline” button next to the specific request.

Your decline request will go to Dawn Repoli, who will contact the Mentee about finding a different Mentor match. It is critical for you to include the reason why you declined in order for a proper match to be made.  i.e. the Mentee requested financial acumen and Mentor does not have that experience.

What if I’m going to be on vacation or unavailable for a period of time?

Go to your "Mentor Profile" page by clicking on the "My Profile" tab within the page. This will open a drop-down menu. Click on "My Mentor Profile". Scroll down to find the "Edit Mentor Status” link then click on the check-box next to “Temporarily Not Participating.” Doing this will indicate that you are not accepting any Mentee requests at the moment, and your mentoring profile will not be included in a Mentee’s search for a Mentor.  It is your responsibility to communicate your availability to your existing Mentees.

Can I unenroll from the program? 

See the answer above for "What if I'm going to be on vacation or unavailable for a period of time?"

What if I have difficulties interacting with my Mentee?

Contact Sehrab Grewal at sehrab.grewal@winitforwomen.org and she will assist in providing support to the Mentor/Mentee and if the decision is made to end the relationship, she will help you through the process and, if desired, reassign to a new connection.

What are the expectations for participating Mentors?

We request that you fulfill your commitment to develop at least one mentoring relationship and respond to initial requests from Mentees in a timely manner. Communication with your Mentees is critical.