About the Mentor Program

WINiT 1:1 Mentoring will foster continuous support for career development and performance improvement across travel-related industries among WINiT participants.

Expectations and Agreed Objective:

WINiT 1:1 Mentoring will facilitate a developmental relationship between the Mentor and the Mentee. It will be based on trust, reciprocity, communication, commitment and confidentiality. 

The goal of the Mentoring relationship is to foster communication about professional/personal development, enhance skills, improve productivity and performance, promote and reinforce the corporate culture, and continue to build a network of professionals throughout WINiT.

WINiT 1:1 Mentoring will:

  • Offer monthly webinars on themed topics requested by Mentors and Mentees 
  • Provide a forum for sharing experiences and best practices
  • Promote communication and networking
  • Increase the level of engagement and retention

Benefits of Participation:

For the Mentor…

  • Recognition at Summit
  • Give back to travel-related industries 
  • Establish networks/contacts in other parts of the business
  • Provide a different perspective on the potential barriers experienced at lower levels of travel-related industries
  • Develop and practice a more personal style of leadership
  • Gain personal satisfaction from assisting in the development of others
  • Develop personal skill-set i.e. effective listening and counseling

For the Mentee…

  • Recognition at Summit
  • Help define realistic career goals
  • Provide different perspective on current issues and problems
  • Share information, experiences and mistakes – lessons learned
  • Increase confidence and self-awareness which helps build performance and contribution
  • Build organizational awareness/political savvy
  • Develop broader networks/contacts and influence
  • Facilitate transition to another role/category/organization