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Career Collaboration  

WINiT Members, Donors, Vendors and Association Partners share resources, articles and experiences to empower one another.

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Career Navigator  

Individualized advice for your personal career growth and goals, to be moderated by a professional career consultant. Sign up today to be included in the community launch!

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Causes We Champion  

Inspire, motivate and connect. Share and learn from each other's philanthropic endeavors and passions.

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Mentor Program Participants  

A community for participants in the WINiT Mentor Program. Members are automatically entered once they enroll in the program.

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Travel Industry  

Looking for specific information in your industry? Want to share your knowledge, experiences and resources?

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Are you interested in enhancing your overall work performance - physically and mentally? Join this community, led by a professional wellness coach, to learn tips and tricks along the way.

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WINiT Ambassadors  

Contributors and Community participants who have gone above and beyond by supporting the WINiT Membership Campaign and their extensive WINiT Engagement in Leadership, Events, Programs and Development.

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